Prejmer - Transilvânia, Roménia

 The Saxon colonisation area on the ancient royal lands (fundus regius) of Transylvania is found in a rather narrow zone along the Carpathian arch, in south-west and south Transylvania. Excepting the flat country of Bârsa, it is a zone with moderately high mounds, crossed by valleys almost parallel to some streams, river tributaries delimiting the countries they name (Altland - the Olt Country, Kokelgebiet - the Târnave Depression, Burzenland - crossed by the Bârsa stream).
           The Saxon colonies existing in this region (whose geographical location and historical road network ensuring direct links clearly attest the scheme and role of this colonisation) were from the very beginning sacked successively (either by the migration populations - the Mongols -, or by strong, dangerous neighbours - the Turks). That danger and the defence methods brought from the place of origin - taking refuge in a protected zone in order to save one's life and goods, by deserting the colony and leaving it to the invaders - entailed, after an evolution of about two centuries, the refinement of the defence solution known also in other regions of Europe - the church fortification.


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